Why Should I Fall in Love Again?

Falling in love has never done me any good. I have some-what fallen, half –way fallen, and fallen so deep it took years to get back to myself. I don’t want to fall in love anymore. Falling in love hurts too much, and love isn’t supposed to hurt, right? I know it isn’t supposed to hurt. To me falling in love is like a rough landing of an airplane, or when it crashes. You never know how bad it’s going to be and how long the recovery will take until you’re going through it and every moment sucks.  

Instead, I want to rise in love. Rising in love to me would be like a smooth lift off when flying in an airplane, or smooth elevating when on a roller coaster. That doesn’t hurt, it feels other worldly. So good it makes you think of so many possibilities, choices and ways that your life can go.

It gives you a big picture purview. I want the flight to last a life time, that’s what my hearts desire. No matter how long or short it lasts, when you’re on the right flight and it seems as though you’re elevating or maintaining, there won’t be a fall, but a soar.

It’s a different concept, but it’s that good stuff that makes you a better person regardless of the outcome, because you’ll continue to soar always.

Choose to rise in love and let each hand hold the hand of another, so that you can rise in love together.

I Want Me

I am a wife; although I am not married YET.

I am a help meet; although I only help myself.

I am a sensual being; although I have no one to caress my soft supple skin yet.

I am funny and I crack myself up.

I am happy because it’s my job to make me happy.

I am wealthy; although my bank account will soon reflect that statement.

I like nice things; although I don’t have many of them yet.

I am confident and take myself on dates.

I am a cool lady, but I can get crazy.

I am a queen, and I will be treated as such.

I am awaiting my king because and he will discover the other parts of me that is just for him to see.

He will want and commit to all the parts of me, and I him.

In the beginning I wanted to find out those parts of me, the parts that I was unsure about and didn’t know very well. Now every day I wake up loving and wanting me, all of me.

I want me.

Even if there is no he,

I will always want me

because I am all that you see.