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Wholeness? What’s that?

Well I am glad you asked, stick around and you’ll find out in a minute.

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary “wholeness” is a noun that means, “the quality or state of being without restriction, exception, or qualification”. What does that mean for me and, or you?

Self-evaluation leads to questions. How are we supposed to become and maintain that state of wholeness? If we don’t ask ourselves the question, in my opinion wholeness is impossible.

I know, I know; for some people asking yourself important self evaluating questions can be hard, so ask yourself one question at a time and seek the answers at your own pace, but do not procrastinate.

It’s in the seeking process we develop the skills to become the best versions of ourselves. Enjoying the discovery process it’s important when becoming our best versions.

OK Dominique, so how do I start?

I’m glad you asked. I have 5 steps to start this new wholeness journey of yours. These tips are a few of what I have taken and still use today. Here goes.

Step 1: Ask yourself; what do I think about of me?And be fully-100% honest with yourself. The answer maybe immediate, or it may take awhile.

Step 2: Think about your thoughts, or as Creflo Dollar says, “Think about, what you’re thinking about”.

Step 3: Ask yourself; what do I enjoy doing? What makes me happy? What brings me complete joy and satisfaction?

Step 4: Self-care should make you feel like the Queen’s and King’s that you are. Ask yourself; what does self-care look like for me? This ties into mental and physical health, but is its own entity.

Step 5: Mental health is also very important. Ask yourself; what can I do to make sure I’m mentally healthy? What does that look like for me and what can I do to be mentally my best?

I hope that you enjoyed these 5 steps, they are good firsts step to help you become that best version of yourself.

I am not a mental health professional. I am sharing what I practice for my own journey of wholeness and hope that this information would be able to help someone that is unsure how to get started on this beautiful journey of becoming the best versions of ourselves.


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