Dominique's Life

My story about single parenthood, the many parts of me and where I share how I am becoming the best version of myself.

Growing up I was always an odd ball, no matter where I went; I still am in some ways, but I don’t care anymore. I am Me.

My older and oldest sisters had a few friends that they grew up with Junior and High School, and they would hang out, talk with each other and it looked like they helped out each other. I always wanted that. I didn’t have that. I had a person that became my friend, but she wasn’t really a friend.  If I couldn’t do something to help her out or do something for her, there as a disagreement or she wouldn’t speak to me. Me being the dummy I was back then, tried to be something that I wasn’t to make her happy.

After a few years of this and my mom telling me she’s a leech, I learned to defend myself and tell her what I thought. This got to her at some point and she made it difficult to be around her. I told her this and why I felt if being difficult around her and said my farewells and I haven’t seen her since April 18 2010. I don’t miss the drama, but I do miss having a friend. I understand no one is perfect and you have to take the good with the bad, but if a person isn’t a good influence and helping you become a better person and add light to your light then they have to go.

Ever since then I have had many failure, but so many more successes, and I am happy with me. I am ready to have that ONE good friend in my corner. I’m ready to invest mt time and effort, now that I know me and what a friend should be to me and I to them.

You know that ONE person who knows you, that ONE you whine and cry to, that person that supports your dreams and goals, that’s happy when good things happen for you knowing their next. When you or she/he wins, you both win. Yeah that ONE good friend.

Are you out there?

To that One good friend.