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My story about single parenthood, the many parts of me and where I share how I am becoming the best version of myself.

Rejection has so many faces, I can only tell you about a few of them here. I have come face to face with him and he is one ugly mofo. Yes, I said he. If you haven’t seen him yet good luck, when you do, he isn’t going to be nice to you.

He was at a job interview, he was an ex-boyfriend, he was a loan officer and even a banker. That fool wears a lot of faces I tell you. Here’s the secret to a face-off with this fool.  A smile, he’s going to hate it.

From a big picture, rejection is not always a bad thing. Although it’s ugly in that moment, in the long term, it may have saved you from many negative situations, possibly even saved your life.

I urge you to find your way of dealing with him (rejection), because one way or another you’re going to have a face-off with him, and sometimes you’re going to fight, you should also figure out when a fight in warranted. He can make thing complicated and messy, but don’t let him control you, allow him to make you a better you in spite of his ugliness.