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My 5 favorite intermittent fasting benefits

Intermittent Fasting

After playing with intermittent fasting for so many years; this year I decided to take things serious and see where this journey takes me.

I have done research on and off over the past few years and the health benefits are what keeps drawing me back in.

Don’t get me wrong it was a bit intimidating at first, but it was because I believed the wrong information that was taught to me growing up like: “Its unhealthy to not eat, you need to eat all the food on your plate, if you don’t eat you’ll die” and so on. After I completed my first 3 day fast about 4 years ago, it changed my whole outlook on life and the choices that I have made with my health. I started questioning everything. I was on a mission.

When I looked up intermittent fasting, the first thing I saw was how much pounds someone could lose, but I wanted to know if that was the only benefit of fasting. Happily, no is the answer to that question.

Here are my five favorite benefits to intermittent fasting.

  1. Better sleep. Man getting a good night’s rest is like something from another universe. This quality of sleep must be what babies have when they wake up happy.
  2. I wake up rested and ready to go. This also lead me to having productive days. I think better and I’m not tired in the middle of the day. Snack cravings have nearly gone away.
  3. I work out much better fasted. I have so much more energy working out, less time between sets and recovery is less painful. In a 2 week span I started to see result that used to take about 6 weeks to see for me.
  4. I don’t think about food as much. I have saved so much time in the morning not having to worry about breakfast.
  5. I enjoy my food so much more. The flavors just pop, which makes me slow down and savor the flavors, I enjoy eating my food so much more.

What type of intermittent fasting do I practice? 16:8; which allows me to fast for 16 hours and eat during an 8 hour window of time. I normally break my fast between 10:30 – 11am and have my last meal 6:30 -7pm.  This works best for me you should try it and see what works best for you.

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