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Choose your family well

All my life and even today, I hear; “you can’t choose your family”, I say bull. You most definitely can choose your family, but when you do, choose well.

Yes, we are all born into a family that we may or may not love or even like, but we all do have the advantage to choose who we spend our lives with; who we give our love to, who we commit to, and whom we invest our time in.

In order for us to choose well, we must endure trails, unfortunately be hurt, or if your fortunate learn from some elses experience’s and/or testimony’s.

I am rebellious by nature, but I choose what to be rebellious toward and I make sure that the outcome benefits me and my legacy. I people watch and not just once or twice, I take note of actions in different situations, I listen to language, word use, mannerisms, character, self-care, self-love, responses, reactions and the list continues.

A combination of those things paint a vivid picture about the authenticity of a person; which should tell you if you would truly want “this” person in your life or not.  If there are reservations to the answer you give yourself, just don’t. You are worth more than that. But if there is no hesitation to if this person should become a part of your life and your family, then go for it and don’t look back.

You could never regret a good decision. That person coming into your life should make it richer, make it better and you of course would be doing the same in their lives.

I choose those that I let into my sacred space very carefully, I am not interested in having any drama in my life, my life is a no drama zone.

We become like the people we spend time with, you do have the choice to invest time in people that make you better or not, ultimately the choice is still yours, so choose well.

So, I say again, you can definitely choose your family, but in doing so, choose well because you deserve the best.