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Raising my children made me the woman I am

Easy is not a word that comes to mind when I hear the words, “raising a child”.

My daughter is half Caribbean and half Irish, and I have no knowledge of the Irish heritage, but for her sake we will learn together.

My son is all Caribbean, but raised in US, he will also be thought about his heritage and we will learn more together.

I see the kindhearted, sweet, happy, brave smart little girl she is, and color never ever comes through for me, but unfortunately, we live in a difficult, digital world that feed off of ignorance and misconceptions.

At three my daughter wished her hair was straight and her skin was white. It broke my heart. I knew at this point I would have to step up my game as a woman and embrace all of me, so that I can be an example for her.  So, I did. I cut off every negative person and thing in my life including family members. I took better care of my health and dressing like I like myself.  I started being more social and outgoing. Man was that a daily struggle. Even today at times it still is.

My son is resilient, brave, tough and a fighter, he’s so caring smart, sociable and dedicated, ambitious and focused, I love my son so much.

Experiencing culture shock, mistreatment from the father figure who promised to take care of him and being protective of me although he didn’t know how. He’s one of the best young men I know.

I would talk to myself when I got dressed and they always watched me and say and do whatever everything. I would tell myself how gorgeous I am, how beautiful my brown skin is, and how lovely my curly hair was and how much I loved all of me so much how God made.

I was teaching them about self-acceptance, not talking at them about it. I showed them ways to love themselves and to not take what ignorant people have to say personal. They can’t help being stupid, but they do make the choose to be mean. Using words to hurt isn’t funny or fun and try their best to stay away form people like that.

Fast forward two years later, I can’t even recognize the awesome woman that I have become because of my kids. I graduated from University.  We live in an apartment that I always though was out of my reach, but always dreamed of living in. I make a good salary and my kids are so much happier, I am in gratitude every day for God bringing us so far.  My teenage son inspires me and my toddler daughter motivates me.

Thank you baby’s your my hero’s.



[insert pic of them holding hands walking to the park]